Extramural Activities

RTC has a unique extra-curricular programme which takes place every Thursday, partially within the school day and partially in the afternoon.
This takes a major weight off working the parents’ shoulders as they are not required to transport their children to sporting or cultural events.

The school makes use of magnificent Municipal Facilities within walking distance of the school where most practices and matches take place. Despite its proximity, the school arranges for bus transport of its sports-persons to and from the municipal playing fields every week where required.

A recent development is the paving out of our playgrounds to accommodate sports such as netball, volleyball, basketball and the development of a mini court that can be utilised for mini hockey, mini soccer, mini tennis and the other aforementioned sports in their mini forms. Being an inner city school with limited free space for sport, the school aims to make maximum use of these areas to encourage as much sporting activity as it can on the school campus.

Learners have ample choice between cultural and sporting activities and all activities are geared towards ultimately participating at the highest possible level without losing sight of the value of exposure of every learner to as many activities as possible – the principal of winning at all costs is not part of our philosophy. Our philosophy espouses the principle of maximum participation at all costs.

All extra-mural activities are geared towards gaining points for a learner’s house which could be one of Blue, Green or Red. Also the academic programme contributes to the inter house competition. By merely participating, a learner is able to make a contribution towards the inter-house competition.

Experience has taught the staff of RTC that there is very little benefit derived from forcing learners to sit in the sun for a full day merely being a spectator at sporting events. Although there are events where learners are expected to spectate, this is limited in order to rather create opportunities for learners to follow their hearts and to participate in activities offered by the school.

It will be noted that cultural activities are not separated from sporting activities, both of these activities carrying equal importance and weight in the school’s extra-curricular programme. Within this system the aim is to develop the skills of the senior learners as coaches, umpires, referees and club leaders so as to broaden the range of activities offered and to develop leadership opportunities in the school.