Foundation Phase

Grades R – 3

Foundation Phase is the most important stepping stone of a child’s development. As a school, we know the importance of providing support, guidance and care to all Foundation Phase learners. The key in achieving academic excellence is to be consistent in our teaching practise and remedial actions.

We currently have a total of 145 learners in this Phase.  Under normal circumstances, our classes do not exceed 25 learners.  Having these small classes allows for one-on-one interactions and ensures that each learner is assisted according to his/her needs.

English is our language of instruction and communication.  Our learners in Grade R are well catered for. They form part of the school as from day one. Learners do written activities in English and Maths every day.  In Life Skills they have written activities which vary according to grades.  Life Skills also covers areas of Creative Arts, Performing Arts and Physical Education.

Homework is given to reinforce concepts covered in class.  Parents sign in learners’ diaries to acknowledge homework to be done and confirm completion therefor. Homework assistance in the afternoons are provided to assist learners who arrive home late. Foundation Phase learners have English and Afrikaans readers, which they take home to read, and learners are assigned pages/ passages to read at home from their English and Afrikaans readers.  This could be Paired, Group or Individual Reading. We also create fun lessons where we include Technology lessons in the form of Computer Studies and Robotics from Grade 1-3, where we prepare the learners for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Remedial and extra Reading activities are conducted on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays. We provide extra lessons in the afternoon so as to assist learners to get higher grades as the sky is the limit. Every Monday and Friday we assembly where all the Primary School learners meet for moral grooming. Here learners are taught how to behave and what is expected of them as future citizens, topical issues are discussed and learners are equipped to face challenges.

Foundation Phase teachers communicate with parents through WhatsApp groups, diaries and telephonically.  Parents’ consultation helps to have face to face communication with the teachers.  At these consultation meetings parents get to see their children’s books containing all the assessments done.

Every term we have an outing as a phase. We visit different places of interest for educational purposes.

Our learners participate in Athletics, Mini Soccer and Mini Netball. Other activities the learners participate in include Eisteddfod, Chess, and Dancing, Idols and Bring and share. Every year we have a Prize Giving Day where achieving learners are recognised.  A concert in which every learner participates is usually of a high standard, definitely an event not to be missed.

We can’t wait to meet you in 2022.

Yours in Education

Foundation Phase Team