The Further Education & Training Phase (FET)

Grades 10-12

This is the most pivotal part of a high school learner’s journey into the corporate and post matric world. It is in this phase that the learner strategically chooses subjects that are suited (in line to) his/her chosen career path. A successful completion of this phase guarantees a learner to qualify for tertiary or university entry having obtained a Bachelor’s degree pass.

The school’s policy, however stipulates that no new learners may be admitted to grade 11 or 12, for the sole reason of disparaging subject choices from their previous schools and the fact that we take pride in ‘’moulding’’ our own. Grade 10 learners are allowed to change 2 (two) subjects by before June in grade 10 and grade 11 learners can change 1 (one) subject before the end of term 1. Grade 12 learners are not allowed to change subjects during or at the start of grade 12.

It is envisaged that learners entering this phase are mature enough to approach and conduct their studies with minimum supervision. It is also of paramount importance that learners entering this stage are self -motivated, are of sound mind and excel in their subject choices.

Subjects offered at RAND TUTORIAL COLLEGE (RTC) have been accredited by local universities and are a basis for a Bachelor’s Degree qualification, leading to a university entry. To achieve this, a grade 12 learner must achieve 50% + in four (4) subjects one of which must be English home language and at least 30%+ in the additional language. It is a must, however that ALL learners pass Life Orientation. RTC offers the following subjects:

  • English FAL/SAL
  • Afrikaans FAL/French FAL / IsiZulu FAL
  • Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation
  • Physical Science, Accounting and Tourism
  • Life Sciences and Economics
  • Business Studies and Computer Applications Technology (CAT)

The school has put in place programs that aim at helping our learners achieve the best possible results.

These are:

  1. The 5 ‘0’clock club (afternoon lessons)
  2. Holiday lessons and/or
  3. Weekend classes (when necessary).

The school also offers the following sporting and cultural activities:

  1. Soccer (both boys and girls)
  2. Basketball
  3. Netball
  4. Volleyball
  5. Chess
  6. Cricket
  7. Choir and traditional dancing.

We believe in producing a holistic learner who can excel in both academic and extra – curricular activities. Excursions and camps are academically driven and planned according to the curriculum and school needs. Being selected for the RCL is one of the many highlights in the FET phase. Highly motivated learners and those who can make a positive impact in RTC are selected through a process which involves both learners and staff.

Through continues assessment, parent involvement and a positive attitude, learners at RTC achieve great success. We are looking forward in meeting you as a parent as well as our prospective student of 2021.